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Welcome to our new lab members!

We welcome three new members to our lab this month: Chris Whyte, Hamid Karimi-Rouzbahani, and Selene Petit.

Chris joins our group as a PhD student. He will be using a mixture of computational modelling and neuroimaging to study the structure and formation of rule representations in the multiple-demand regions during the completion of complex tasks.

Hamid and Selene both join the group as post-docs. Hamid's work seeks to elucidate how what we know determines what we see by characterising the interaction of information across sensory and higher-order cognitive brain areas in visual perception.

Selene will continue to work on the research project she commenced with Alex in Australia: the development of a passive test of language comprehension for autistic children with minimal spoken language. Following from their work on typically-developing children, Selene will use EEG to measure children's brain responses to speech.

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